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We put you in touch with our sister company, Trademark Architecture, to guide you through any renovations you need and provide you with the advice on the latest interior design trends.

to contact us and we will assist you in obtaining a furthur advance on your home loan.

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House hunting without pre-qualified bond is like shopping without knowing how much money is on your card

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You've got your bond through us and want to make your new home even more amazing but just need a little money to get you there?

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OTP supporting documents

The Obvious


  • Signed Offer to purchase
  • SA bar-coded ID book or both sides of new ID card
  • Proof Of Income (see below requirements)

Workin' 9 till 5!


  • Latest 3 months payslips.
  • Latest 3 months bank statements showing corresponding salary deposits

Are you your own boss?


  • Letter from accountant to confirm drawings.
  • Latest 2 years signed financial statements.
  • Signed management accounts, if the preceding financials are older than 5 months.
  • Latest 6 months business bank statements.
  • Latest 3 months personal bank statements

Have a different payment structure?

(Commission/salary/overtime/variable allowances) #LivingOnTheEdge

  • Latest 6 months payslips.
  • Latest 6 months bank statements showing corresponding salary deposits

Not working in SA?


  • SA passport.
  • Work permit or foreign passport.
  • Signed employment contract.
  • Latest 6 months payslips.
  • Latest 6 months bank statements showing corresponding salary deposits


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